CaseMaker 350 Combo Unit

UniBinder 350

The UniBinder 350 is an undoubtedly user-friendly, cost-efficient fully automatic case customization system. Because of the growing demand for custom hardcovers as well as display panels, UniBind has developed this easy-to-use case customization system. The UniBinder 350 utilizes a revolutionary hot-melt glue application which requires no additional liquids, chemicals or applicable glue. This completely dry concept makes it easy to prepare then create your custom product. Because there is no set-up and change-over time, you are able to create custom products in minutes. Designed for use with UniBind’s UniPanels as well as UniCover MonoDuo, and Panorama, you are able to easily create then bind a beautiful custom cover book.

UniBinder 8.1

The UniBinder 8.1 combines Unibind’s resin steel thermal binding with our automatic electric crimping element in order to bind documents up to 120 pages. Easily create custom presentations in minutes using our proven and effective UniCovers combined with this Thermal Binding System. You are able to stock fewer spines sizes while tightly fastening the metal channels together because of the crimping element. Easily create a perfect fit every time with the UniBinder 8.1 coupled with UniBind’s UniCover HardUniCover Flex, and UniCover Spines.